We welcome everyone who would like to sing with us. We are a diverse group and we pretty much cover all ages and interests. Our aim is to make good music spanning various genres in a safe, supporting environment. And to have fun!


  1. Voice. You don't need to have had vocal training. What most people who say they can't sing really mean is that they are insecure because they haven't had vocal training. Nobody will force you to sing a solo if you don't want to - much of the joy of choral singing lies in doing, as a group, things one might not do on one's own. There is safety in numbers - give it a try! Singing is excellent exercise and proven to be good for emotional and mental health.
  2. Commitment. We rehearse Monday nights at 19:00 at Christ Church, Raath Street, Horizon. Occasionally - generally while we are learning something new or when a concert is approaching - we have additional rehearsals. People get sick, go away on holiday and so on, but we do ask that if humanly possible you will let the Musical Director know if you won't be around for a concert.
  3. Your first month is free, but there is an annual choir fee amounting to R130 per month. If you can't afford it, you may discuss it in confidence with our Treasurer.

Auditions: auditions are intimidating and hardly ever shows anyone at their best. We think that most people joining a choir such as ours have most likely not been singing regularly for a while, if ever. Instead of auditions, we invite you to sing with us and ease into the music. If we can help you, we will. If it doesn't work out, our conductor will have a word in private and at least you'd have tried.

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